Very recently, Sontay welcomed Ryan Kidd, UK South East Graduate Sales Manager to the team. Our graduate area sales manager roles play a pivotal part here at Sontay, enabling us to provide an opportunity for workers to kickstart a career in the construction and HVAC industries. We sat down with Ryan to find out what attracted him to the graduate area sales manager role at Sontay and what he’s most looking forward to.


Q: Why did you want to work at Sontay?


A: I’ve always had an interest in technology, so when I decided to move into sales, I thought it made sense to go into a sector which I had a genuine interest in. It was fantastic to see that Sontay as a business has a genuine mission to create healthier and more energy efficient buildings. I wanted to be a part of making that goal a reality.


Q: Which aspect of the role are you most excited to start?


A: I am very much looking forward to getting in the field and building relationships with both existing and prospective clients.


Q: What attracts you to the HVAC industry?


A: The construction industry has been a part of my life since I was little. My father has been in construction for many years, and I have even worked with him in the past, albeit, on small scale projects which never integrated HVAC. Much of the terminology I have been hearing in the past couple of weeks surrounding HVAC and sensors is all new to me. But I am excited to find my feet in the world of HVAC!


Q: Now for a few fun, quickfire questions! What do you like to read/listen to/watch?


A: I recently finished reading the Lord of the Rings which was a fantastic (and very long) novel. When I’m in the car I’ll often stick on a live set from any number of my favourite artists including the likes of Ben Nicky, Sefa, Sub Zero Project and Sickmode.


Q: Who is your hero?


A: R2-D2 – Arguably the most important character in Star Wars! This droid survived the rise and fall of the galactic empire not to mention saving the galaxy on more than one occasion, all without lifting a finger!


Q: What’s your perfect weekend?


A: Friday afternoons are for the boys! I always do my best on a Friday to see a couple of my friends over a pint and a few games of pool. Perfect for unwinding from the week and getting ready for the weekend.


Saturdays are usually spent with my partner, Angela. Sunday is fun day! (Bike day more accurately, but that doesn’t sound as good). Sundays are when you’ll find me up the woods on my bike risking life and limb. Finally, a nice early night ready for Monday morning!


Q: What five guests would you invite to a dinner party? Dead or alive…


A: Ed Sheeran, Edward Teach (Black Beard), Cleopatra, Julius Caesar and Jesus.


Q: Bonus question… Tell us an interesting fact about yourself!


A: I lived in sunny Spain for 10 years.